Molded Dimensions continues to be a leader in the urethane market.  


Molded Published the following news.

As a founding member and a leader in the Polyurethane Manufacturer's Association, Molded Dimensions participates in the PMA's Regulatory Compliance Self-Certification Program. Participating in the program demonstrates the great importance and value MD places on health, safety, and environmental regulations. The four levels on certification include:

I Commitment

II Compliance

III Leadership


IV Mentoring

Molded Dimensions is proud to be one of the three PMA members to hold Level IV certification. Certification was recently earned with the completion of a technical paper written and shared with other PMA members by our CEO, Linda Katz. Linda provided a strong argument for other PU molding companies to switch from a trichlor (chemical based) degreaser to an aqueous (water based) degreaser. Support for the change comes not only from cost savings, but also reduced risk to employee health and ergonomic advantages.