Let Hobst Inc. keep you from falling off the edge

...let us help to keep you from sliding off the edge.

Jobst Incorporated has over 30 years of experience in custom made non metallic parts. We can help you with the selection of materials and processes that will bring your product in on budget and position you and your products as industry leaders.

We can make that promise because of our proven record of success. Our track record demonstrates our long term commitments. Our solid relationships with customers over this period demonstrate our value to them. Our partners, carefully chosen for their capabilities, dedication, honesty and their dedication to customer service, demonstrate a winning approach.

While the word sales has always been in our job description, our focus is on service and ideas exchange for the purchasing and engineering members of the manufacturing companies we support. We offer valuable assistance because our focus, application of materials and processes, does not conflict but supports your engineer's quest for product design and engineering.

Let us share our knowledge, experience and resources to make your product the industry leader that is our common goal.