Our solutions include custom made parts and assemblies made from Plastic, Elastomer and Composites to produce industrial components, and seals. Parts ranging from ounces to over 100 pounds.

ThermoplasticJobstInc helps with material selection

  • resin formulations include most engineering plastics.
Thermoset Plastics
  • available in sheet and parts, plain and composite Metalized, EMI/RFI shielding, Cosmetic, Over-molded



  • compounded to your requirements
  • ranging from natural rubber to Viton and Fluorosilicone
  • dense or foamed,


  • fills high performance or low volume applications.

Composites provide a wide range of structural design opportunities

  • Glass or Carbon fiber are the primary structural materials
  • Core layers can help to control stiffness and reduce weight
  • Other fibers are also available
  • We offer Thermoplastic or Thermoset resin systems

Secondary Operations expand the options for efficient design.

Combining materials and compounding for optimum performance is often the key to efficiently engineered products.